Best Burgers in Tulsa!

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According to the UrbanSpoon, the top 5 Best Burger Joints are as follows:

  1. Fat Guy’s Burger Bar–542 people voted and a big, fat, whopping 91% like it! Located in the Brady Arts District at 140 N Greenwood Ave in Tulsa.
  2. Brownie’s Hamburger Stand–It may seem like Brownie’s ties with Fat Guys with a 91% positive rating. But “only” 236 people voted. Try the onion rings and the pie, too! Located at Expo Square, 2130 S Harvard Ave. in Tulsa.
  3. Leon’s Brookside–85% of 271 voters love Leon’s! If you love burgers and sports, Leon’s is for you! Located at 3301 South Peoria in Tulsa.
  4. Claud’s Hamburgers–Another winner! 91% of 171 voter love Claud’s! Located at 3834 S Peoria Ave. in Tulsa. Call
    (918) 742-8332 for more information!
  5. Burger House–91% of 131 people love Burger House. This one is definitely an interesting little diner. Visit the website for the menu, pictures of the car show, and coupons!
What do you think of this list? Can all those UrbanSpoon-ers be wrong? Comment below and let us know!
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