Things to do in the Brady District

Things to do in the Brady District

The Brady District, just north of downtown Tulsa, has seen an exciting resurgence in recent years. Its once neglected storefronts are now home to galleries, eateries and shops. Here are suggestions for things to do in the Brady District, to whet your appetite to explore this area. Something is always happening at Guthrie Green. The Woody Guthrie … [Read more...]

Our Apartment Community is Near All the Excitiement of Cherry Street

Our Apartment Community is Near All the Excitiement of Cherry Street

Tulsa’s Cherry Street is one of its’ hubs of hipness. The stretch of 15th Street between Utica and Peoria is lined with historic brick buildings that house unique eateries and shops. If you haven’t yet visited, you should! Here are some highlights that you can check out on Cherry Street in Tulsa. -Chimi’s Mexican restaurant is a Cherry Street … [Read more...]

Top 3 Places to See Fall Foilage in Oklahoma

Top Places to See Fall Foilage in Oklahoma

It's the perfect time of year here at Renaissance Uptown to start thinking about where to catch the best of the Fall's glorious foliage. With that in mind, here's a list of the top three places to see Fall foliage in Oklahoma: Talimena National Scenic Byway - All along this 54-mile route in southeast Oklahoma are stunning panoramas featuring … [Read more...]

Getting Your Apartment Ready for Fall

Get your apartment ready for fall

The seasons are changing and here at Renaissance Uptown it's a time when many people want to organize, de-clutter or even update their apartment's decor to reflect approaching Autumn. If you're looking for ideas, here are just a handful of tips for you to consider when getting your apartment ready for fall: Cleaning Wash your silverware … [Read more...]

Celebrate Oktoberfest in Tulsa on October 16

Tulsa Oktoberfest

You may have heard that Oktoberfest in Tulsa is a sight to behold - and it's true! We want to be sure our Renaissance Uptown residents know all about Linde Oktoberfest, which is set to kick off on October 16th at River West Festival Park and looks to be an amazing time. Oktoberfest has become a tradition at this time of year in cities across the … [Read more...]